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  • Synthesis and Characterization of novel multifunctional nanocomposites
  • Application of active phases on textiles/fabrics
  • (Photo)catalytic detoxification of Chemical Warfare Agents vapors or droplets
  • Adsorption of organic compounds from liquid phases
  • Photo- and Chemo- catalytic valorization/oxidation of biomass obtained model compounds
  • Desulfurization of biofuels
  • Colorimetric detection of toxic vapors

Research Projects

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  1. Study the catalytic detoxification performance of various metal hydroxides, mixed oxides, Metal Organic Frameworks, polyoxometalates, and perovskites, against organic toxic compounds (such as Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs), dyes, pharmaceutical etc)
  2. Modified the synthetic procedure of various metal hydroxides/oxide in order to enhance the activity and density of the surface functional groups, as well as their porosity and the appliance of these materials as catalytic detoxifier of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs)
  3. Development of composites consisting of metal hydroxides/oxides or Metal Organic Frameworks (MOF) with different carbonaceous phases (such as graphite oxide and its chemically modified counterparts, graphitic carbon nitride, oxidized graphitic carbon nitride nanospheres) for a further improvement of the reactive adsorption capabilities
  4. Synthesis of novel multifunctional nano-composites of the above combinations with the further addition of limited amount (~1 %) of gold or silver nanoparticles for the enhancement of the (photo)catalytic performance
  5. Incorporation of oxidized graphitic carbon nitride nanospheres as linkers for the formation of photoreactive hierarchical pore structured MOF for the detoxification and rapid detection of toxic vapors
  6. Investigate the structural, morphological, and surface chemistry parameters of activated carbons or carbon textiles/fibers that play a key role on the remediation capabilities
  7. Study the chemical modification effect and the decoration with various active phases on porous carbon fibers/textiles for adsorption application and for their potential integration into wearable protective apparatus
  8. Fabrication and characterization of “smart” cotton textiles decorated with MOF-based nanocomposite capable to simultaneously adsorb, photo-catalytically degrade and rapidly sense vapors or droplets of toxic nerve agents


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